THE SIREN — Twitterfic at The List

This made me smile — I have the tiniest piece of Twitter fiction up at The List. Thanks to the editors for including it.

Their National Flash-Fiction day challenge was to create a piece of fiction in 100 characters, which in my case formed 23 words:



No power to draw your cup to my lips, no siren I; just the ravenous call of a lost gull under forbidding skies.

The Hatchery

This little piece was inspired by a conversation about the seventies’ sitcom, RISING DAMP, in which the frumpy and ungainly Miss Jones sang her siren song to the miserly and socially inept landlord, Rigsby. We were interrupted by the piercing cry of a herring gull. All day they shriek, racing to feed, pair and breed before the winter storms.

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