Here are some books that I hate

I found my kid with one of these the other day.

I’ve spent years touting books that I love on this and other sites but there’s one set of books that I would actively bin: the Alphablocks series.

As if the TV series wasn’t bad enough, they’ve tried to transpose these repetitive, phonic-spouting, 2-D pixel turds onto the page where they sit, with their sparse and badly-worded text forming incongruous and largely meaningless semi-sentences.  As if phonics couldn’t be taught using quality books that children actually like — ones with engaging narratives, appealing characters, evocative illustrations, or even a bit of humour.

Yes, with their simplified format, they make it easy to learn phonics — but to my mind at the expense of inspiring children to read, or love books. They are at best pointless.

Recent reader quote:

‘I don’t like this book.’

Great. Well, that’s helped inspire the younger generation.

The effort it takes to make these books appealing to young readers is wholly unnecessary, given the wealth of fabulous books available in every bookshop in town.

Lovely books, all over the place, in town or online. Go! Go! Find the lovely books!





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