Libraries, schools, and school libraries

OK, I’m going to ask a stupid question. Here goes:

  1. Libraries are closing due to lack of funding.
  2. Schools are struggling due to lack of funding — some schools are struggling to support their libraries due to said lack of funding.

Can you see where I’m heading?

Why can’t our public libraries be appended to state schools, so that the funding that we can provide for libraries is also entirely available to the schools? Schools in return can help stock the libraries. 

Does that not provide the schools and libraries with mutual support?

OK, there it is, stupid question over.

Go, Twitter.

Sunday update: in other news, look what came in this morning; a great big list of books for children with dyslexia:



  1. TU says:

    Hi Paula, I guess age-appropriate libraries could be appended to primary/secondary/tertiary colleges and for the younger groups, yes, probably set opening hours. Libraries have set opening hours anyway. It’s not an ideal solution (which would see all libraries flourishing and looking like Hogwarts!), just an idea that popped up in light of library closures and some schools not having a library (the worst of all worlds). Thought I’d bounce it around.

  2. paulaacton says:

    Guess the issue is do you want to censor what is in the library to age/subject appropriate for the school kids or have full range available and have to up staff and have restricted areas, also how do you split opening times, you can’t have people just wandering in during school hours

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