Not all beautiful things must be new, or headlining, or pixelated. How diverse a book collection is it possible to build, while still looking beautiful, whole, and compelling?

After the library project

Having wrapped up my little library survey/stock project today, I’ve realised I don’t want to stop at 60 books. I want 600 books, 6,000 books…

I want beauty, old books, new ones, I want illustrated books with no words, I want tiny books, huge tomes, linen-bound books, leather-bound chunks. I want more comics and graphic novels, I want diaries and transcripts of old manuscripts. I want tapestries and film representations.

I want to paint a world of words for children who don’t have it, who aren’t expecting it, who will stare at the stories in a way that will, when they are adult, allow them to remember wonder. 

I’m looking for really, really old stories that are still relevant (and child-friendly) today — Grimm, folk tales, any others. I’d also like to find beautiful editions so if you know any good sources or can help, please do sent me a shout out in the comments or on the contact page / Twitter!

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