Holes by Louis Sachar

This book was SO good, I might even get back into Goodreads. Really excellent.

I read this with my ten- and thirteen-year-old sons, and we all really enjoyed it — originally it was homework but it was good enough for us to order our own (OK, technically we lost the school copy, panic-bought our own, found the school copy, and my son yelled, ‘Yay, we get to keep the other one!’ — so that counts, right?).

We also watched the film which was a pretty close fit to the book and likewise really enjoyable, although interestingly, all the way through the film, my 10 y/o was surprised at the casting whereas I thought it pretty much fit what I’d read, so the book-film fit may be arguable.

Either way, book = great, film = also great.

Thanks, school!

I’ll link to a review  when / if I get the time but definitely recommend this.


  1. M. C. Frye says:

    Holes was a great read! I love the way the flashbacks and present-day scenes slowly converge into a series of surprising reveals, not just the reveals the reader thought were coming.

    • TU says:

      Yes, I can’t do it justice in a comment, will do a full review, but that generational span and the karmic / cursed element gave it a folk tale feel, and the boys’ friendship felt very real in comparison.

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