Children’s book review: Mole’s Sunrise by Jeanne Willis

Last night we read Mole’s Sunrise by Jeanne Willis (Walker Books, 2012) – a lovely little book for children aged 3-7 years (edging into the “too young” category for my 7y/o but he was OK with it).

So, this is a very sweet book and one reason I’m recommending it is because it’s a lovely example of a book that’s really different on the second read. It’s also a very sweet story.


Vole gets up early to go and watch the sunrise and Mole comments that he’s never seen one – so Vole takes him and the two friends sit and enjoy it with a couple of other friends, chatting about how the sun looks and the warmth it gives.

They both enjoy it – the walk through the forest, the company, and sharing the sunrise. It’s only at the end that we are told, if we haven’t realised already, that mole is blind.

This is a lovely understated story about friendship and inclusion, of playing to people’s abilities rather than their disabilities.


Thanks to Kate Long for the heads up on this very sweet, enjoyable little book.


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(not currently available to order on Hive or Waterstones but local bookshops may be able to order it in).

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