Spring is in the air!

March round-up

It’s March already! So I thought I’d say hello and catch up with the latest…


I made a New Year’s Resolution to read and review one book a week throughout 2019, and now have a collection of half-read books. Go me. At some point there will be a glut of one-line reviews here. For now, Eleanor Oliphant was actually fine and Milkman was complex.

Raves pending. I’m on it.

Short fiction…

Sometimes short fiction blows me away. I read a lot of shorts that are hailed as “brilliant” but are in fact just good, but then occasionally you read one that’s truly great, in the real sense of the word. If you’ve got five minutes, have a look at these two:

Peanuts Aren’t Nuts by Courtney Zoffness (won the 2018 Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award).

The Sun is Also a Star by Louise Farr (InkTears 116).

Dogs by Amy Rossi (Matchbook).

I Have Not Pushed Back My Cuticles With An Orange Stick Since The Nixon Administration by Kathy Fish (Monkey Bicycle).

I’ll bring a bigger list of recommended reads to the blog soon.


2019 has been really kind to me so far – it opened with There Will Be No Lace being accepted for inclusion in the Best Microfiction 2019 anthology, which was an honour, and it’s also allowed me time to write – I’ve subbed some new flash fiction, and am building longer work in the background.

Rejections so far: just one. Last submission: two days ago. All to play for.

Wilderness stuff

In a shorty wetsuit, trying to look warm

In January I booked my first half-marathon later this year, then completed my first 11-mile run, followed by a day of running two runs totalling 14 miles. Four years ago, post-op, I couldn’t even stand up straight (for 12 months), so I’m chuffed to be literally finding my feet again. For anyone thinking of running, honestly, it’s fab and do believe in yourself because if you can stand up normally, you’ll be starting off better than me. Gradual is good, walking is fine, and it’s amazing to feel your strength grow. I’ve also been hurling myself into the sea, with friends and seals, including a few swims in a bikini without a wetsuit: this is SO much more fun, exhilarating, and life-affirming than you’d think. (Although it’s good to start in warmer weather and build up, and maybe check with your doctor first – it’s only fun if you survive.) Also… we’re booked to go back up into the mountains in the summer – yeahhh!


It’s all about the writing now. Right now, writing like a writer*.


(*Writing and drinking coffee, like a writer drinking coffee.)

More soon, take care, see you on Twitter x


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