Bookmarking the moment (a running update)

Running update: we’ve reached one of my favourite running seasons, when the cooling winds of autumn make running a pleasure at all times of day – which somewhat makes up for the house spiders.

My running has, in the social media sense, been going brilliantly: I’m thrilled. It’s going excellently, EXCELLENTLY – really, really well. It’s excellent.

I am piping Voltarol onto my shin as if it were whipped cream.

Why? I have shin splints (from running in new shoes). This means pain from ankle to hip. I can’t really walk down stairs, struggle to walk my dog a mile down the road, can barely run at all, let alone more than 3 miles, and official advice is to rest it completely for as long as it takes, which could be months, just 3 weeks before my planned first half-marathon.

Running any real distance – in any shoes – would probably damage it further. That leaves cycling, which hurts but at least lacks the impact, and swimming, which is barely training at all (although it is deliciously cold).

It’s really excellent.


I am GOING for a SWIM.


(A shout-out to Right Leg who is handling herself with stoicism and decorum.)

[UPDATE: a couple of ice-cold sea swims later and my shin is improved to the point where I’m not limping for the first time in 4-6 weeks.]

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