(Ssshhh!) I am running again

Shhhh, it’s not real, I’m not doing this, nothing to see…

So it looks like I ran the Eden half on a mangled, possibly cracked, shin (obstinacy rules), so since then I have been unbelievably sensible and mature and not run on the thing in an attempt to let it heal, no matter the frustration, infuriation, and general impatience… until yesterday, and then again today, when I decided to test it out with a bit of light road running.

I am hoping that if I am quiet, my shin might not notice. There is nothing for it to know.

This is barely happening.

One mile — literally one mile — at a time.

No faster than 6 min/km (for now).



[12/11 update: sneaked a little 5min/km interval sesh and shin didn’t notice – so excited!! But shhh…]

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