From now on, this blog will be about fiction. Not entirely, but almost.

The rest has been fun, a way to waffle through coffee breaks and relax, to share a few nice runs, and some gorgeous mountains – but I’m probably the only one who reads it and my fiction needs a jump start.

I may still blog later in the year if we reach the top of Tryfan, or other gorgeous peaks (booked, woo hoo!), and I’ve entered another half marathon (actually a marathon but we’re reserving judgement on this until I’ve trained without my shin cracking).

But for now, I’m returning to fiction, and that’s what this place will be.


*Update 13/3/2020: I KNOW. NADA, EH? Not a single thing published since I blurted that this place will be about fiction. Honestly, though, Day Job overload. (But there has been some lovely reading with kids – may blog about that soon.)


 Image by engin akyurt 

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