Trace /treɪs/

Follow or mark the course or position of (something) with one’s eye, mind, or finger.

— Oxford Dictionaries, 2016


They call me Muuu-uuu-uum, missus, scientist, and writer. I live and write on a big wet rock overlooking the sea, where I alternate between writing scientific reports and fiction. I’m also interested in child literacy; I help with a children’s book review blog, and for 11 years (2007 to 2018), I volunteered in primary school (mostly reading with children, PTA, and a 2016 library project).


My short fiction has been published in print and online.  Shortlists include the Bare Fiction Prize (2017, flash), Bath Flash Fiction Award (Oct 2016), Bridport Prize (2015, s/story), and HISSAC short story competition (2013). Longlists include the Bristol Short Story Prize (2013) and Flash 500 competition (July 2014).

In September 2018, my story There Will Be No Lace was nominated by Flashback Fiction for Best Microfiction 2018.


From 2009 to 2012 I used a pen name (Martha Williams) to write short stories and flash fiction. I won a few prizes, had about 30 flash fictions published, and was shortlisted for the 2012 Bridport Prize (s/story), and longlisted for the 2012 Fish flash fiction prize and 2010 Fish short story prize. Details available on the short fiction page.


There’s a book on the way.

Represented by: Gaia Banks at Sheil Land Associates.

Filter reading

I enjoyed filter reading for the Glass Woman Prize (8th, 9th, and 10th — 2010/11) and Flash-Fiction South West (2012).


This is where I wear pyjamas, rant and spit.