Submission journal

I’m writing a series of flash fictions pieces to support a novel. The book’s taking ages and to keep myself going I’m submitting occasional very short stories that are essentially back story for some of the characters.

Submissions are likely to be few and far between, a handful each year, but I’ll log them here.


 Sub’d / response  Title Type Publication / competition Outcome (acceptance, rejection, links)
19 July 2017 tbc  Flash fiction  Competition Pending Sep 2017
23 May 2017 / 5 Jun 2017 Dare  Microfiction  Competition Rejected!
12 Feb 2017 / tba  tba  Flash fiction  [Online lit zine] Submittable “In-Progress”
17 Oct 2016 / 31 Oct 2016 Occasionally Flash fiction Bath Flash Fiction Award Shortlisted, published in anthology
10 Oct 2016 / 22 Oct 2016  Smile  Microfiction  101 Fiction Published online