Short fiction

Selected short fiction. (I’ve blogged about some of these.)

Awards and listings

Nominated / accepted for publication: Best Microfiction 2019 anthology.
Shortlisted: 2021 Bridport Prize (flash fiction), 2016 Bath Flash Fiction Award, 2015 Bridport Prize (short story category), 2013 HISSAC short story competition. Shortlisted/commended: Bare Fiction Prize 2017 (Flash Fiction category).
Longlisted: Flash 500 competition (July 2014), 2013 Bristol Short Story Prize
Commended: There Is No Wrong Way commended in the Bare Fiction Prize 2017 (later edited into The Whale, below), Flash category; All Proud  highly commended in the Flash Mob 2013 competition (June 2013).

Online publications

There Will Be No Lace — FlashBack Fiction (14 May 2018). Audio version available. Editor Ingrid Jendrzejewski. Backstory: Five Questions with TM Upchurch is also available. [Blog.]

The Whale — Necessary Fiction (4 April 2018). Editor Lacey N Dunham.

The Stone Baby — Blue Five Notebook, Broadside Series with author commentary (Feb 2016). Editors Sam Rasnake and Michelle Elvy. (Blog.)

When Janey Sees Cats — The Pygmy Giant (Feb 2016).

Maybe a Fox — Ink Sweat and Tears (Jan 2015). Editor Helen Ivory. (Now in the archive pages.)

All Proud — Highly commended in the Flash Mob 2013 competition, and published at Blue Five Notebook (June 2013). Editors Michelle Elvy and Sam Rasnake.

The Sugar-Free Scent of Today — Metazen (Dec 2013)  Editors Frank Hinton and Christopher Allen. Metazen is sadly no longer with us (the original Metazen no longer exists; the current site is entirely different). Story now available to read at Fictionaut.

Also Snuggles – 101 Fiction (Sep 2019) and Smile — 101 Fiction Hallowe’en Issue #13 (Oct 2016). Editor John Xero.– site no longer available.

Print publications

Plum Skin in the NFFD anthology, RIPENING (June 2018, ISBN-13: 978-1720847779). Editors Tino Prinzi and Alison Powell.

Occasionally — flash fiction, shortlisted for the Bath Flash Fiction Award, October 2016. Included in the print anthology, TO CARRY HER HOME (Feb 2017, Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-00-1). [Blog.]

London — in LANDMARKS, the fourth National Flash Fiction Day anthology (June 2015, ISBN 9781514398081). Editors Calum Kerr and Angi Holden. [Blog.]

Vinegar — in EATING MY WORDS, the third National Flash Fiction Day anthology (June 2014, ISBN 978-1500110871). Editors Calum Kerr and Holly Howitt.

A Coin, Two Coins — What The Dickens? Busker Anthology (June 2013). Editor Victoria Bantock.

Rose Petal Eyes — in Scraps, the second National Flash Fiction Day anthology (June 2013, ISBN 978-0-9572713-4-0). Editors Calum Kerr and Holly Howitt.


Before 2013

From 2009 to 2012 I wrote as Martha Williams.

Selected stories:

Awards and listings

Shortlisted in the 2012 Bridport Prize, short story category

Longlisted in the 2012 Fish flash fiction prize (A Slice Of Blue)

First Person (microfiction) — commended in the inaugural NFFD microfiction competition, 2012 and included in the Jawbreakers anthology (May 2012, ISBN 978-1-84914-285-4). Now up at Fictionaut (read online).

There Will Be No Lace (microfiction) — commended in the New Writer Magazine 2011 Prose and Poetry competition, microfiction category, and published in the The New Writer Magazine (July 2012, Issue #111, ISSN:1363-1667). *UPDATE* 2018: published online at Flashback Fiction.

Wet Stones — highly commended in the 9th Seán Ó Faoláin short story competition and published in Southword Journal Online, Issue 21 (Dec 2011/Jan 2012, ISSN 1649 0959).

She Could Have Given Him Strawberries — 3rd prize in the FlashStories flash fiction competition (Oct 2011). Now up at Fictionaut.

The Shallow End of the Sea — 3rd prize in Meridian short story competition (Autumn 2010). [Meridian blog.]

Joshua’s Hand — Runner-up prize in the Cazart flash fiction competition (July 2010), published in the Summer 2010 Cazart Winners’ Anthology (p. 28).

Longlisted: 2010 Fish Short Story prize (Some Friend).

The Kodachrome Years — 1st prize in the Writers’ Forum Magazine short story competition, published in the magazine (Dec 2009, Issue #98. ISSN 1467-2529).

The School Gate — 2nd prize in Writers Bureau short story competition (2009), published online.

The Slightest Huff — 1st prize in Meridian short story competition (Winter 2009). [Meridian blog.] [The original site has gone.]

Online publications

White Smoke (flash fiction) — Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series – September Flash Special.

Breathe In (flash fiction) — Atticus Review, Aug 2011. (Reviewed here by Katrina Gray.)

Seven pieces of flash fiction at 52|250: Within You Without, Granny’s Mouth, Nesh, There You Are, Eighty-eight, The Next Step and Sand. My thanks to editors Michelle Elvy, John Wentworth Chapin and Walter Bjorkman.

Sand is also published in Litsnack, my thanks to editor Dan Tricarico.

Shopping List Mind — Metazen (April 2010) – now archived.

Our Stop — The Pygmy Giant (July 2010).

Spill — A-Minor Magazine (Aug 2010).

Heading West — Camroc Press Review (Aug 2010).

She Frog — Six Sentences (Aug 2010). Warmed — Six Sentences (Feb 2010)

No Biscuits — Wufniks (Oct 2010)

Sand — Litsnack (Dec 2010).

Tears of a Trucker — Sleep. Snort. Fuck. (July 2010).

Nanoism (Twitter fiction) — 3 pieces from May to Dec 2010: Nodding, Stiff, and Almost. (Nodding was also used as the first line in a story, Nothing Good Can Come of This by Marcelle Heath (Necessary Fiction, Jan 2011, First Footings series).)

There were quite a few others. Some were lost to the land of expired litzines — Tomlit, Like Birds Lit, etc. RIP.

Nobody Told Marni — The Linnet’s Wings (July 2010, ISSN 2009-2369). (Originally a print publication but can now be read in the online archive.)

Print publications

Wrapped (microfiction) published in the NFFD Jawbreakers anthology (May 2012, ISBN 978-1-84914-285-4).

Ripening (microfiction) and Almost (nanofiction) published in the Flash Fiction Southwest anthology, Kissing Frankenstein and Other Stories(May 2012, ISBN 978-1-4716-8493-7) and website. Ripening was also included in I Can Show You the World and Other Stories, and Almost was read out on Wiltshire Radio. [2014 update: now available on Fictionaut.]

Double-jointed Mind (flash fiction) — Thunderclap! 6, June 2011

Two untitled nanofictions in Fiona Robyn’s collection, Pay Attention: A River of Stones.

Nobody Told Marni — The Linnet’s Wings (July 2010, ISSN 2009-2369).