Short fiction

Selected short fiction (there’s also a list of individual blog posts). Massive thanks to all the lovely readers and editors.


Shortlisted/commended: Bare Fiction Prize 2017 (Flash Fiction category)


Plum Skin is included in the NFFD anthology, RIPENING (June 2018, ISBN-13: 978-1720847779). Editors Tino Prinzi and Alison Powell.


There Will Be No Lace — FlashBack Fiction (14 May 2018). Audio version available. Editor Ingrid Jendrzejewski. Backstory: Five Questions with TM Upchurch is also available.

The Whale — Necessary Fiction (4 April 2018). Editor Lacey N Dunham.


Shortlisted: 2016 Bath Flash Fiction Award


Occasionally — flash fiction, shortlisted for the Bath Flash Fiction Award, October 2016. Included in the print anthology, TO CARRY HER HOME (Feb 2017, Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-00-1). [Blog.]



Smile — 101 Fiction Hallowe’en Issue #13 (Oct 2016). Editor John Xero.

The Stone Baby — Blue Five Notebook, Broadside Series with author commentary (Feb 2016). Editors Sam Rasnake and Michelle Elvy. (Blog.)

When Janey Sees Cats — The Pygmy Giant (Feb 2016).


Shortlisted: 2015 Bridport Prize, short story category


London — in LANDMARKS, the fourth National Flash Fiction Day anthology (June 2015, ISBN 9781514398081). Editors Calum Kerr and Angi Holden. [Blog.]


Maybe a Fox — Ink Sweat and Tears (Jan 2015). Editor Helen Ivory.


Longlisted: Flash 500 competition (July 2014)


Vinegar — in EATING MY WORDS, the third National Flash Fiction Day anthology (June 2014, ISBN 978-1500110871). Editors Calum Kerr and Holly Howitt.


Longlisted: 2013 Bristol Short Story Prize 

Shortlisted: 2013 HISSAC short story competition


All Proud — Highly commended in the Flash Mob 2013 competition, and published at Blue Five Notebook (June 2013). Editors Michelle Elvy and Sam Rasnake.


A Coin, Two Coins — What The Dickens? Busker Anthology (June 2013). Editor Victoria Bantock.

Rose Petal Eyes — in Scraps, the second National Flash Fiction Day anthology (June 2013, ISBN 978-0-9572713-4-0). Editors Calum Kerr and Holly Howitt.


The Sugar-Free Scent of Today — Metazen (Dec 2013)  Editors Frank Hinton and Christopher Allen. Metazen is sadly no longer with us (the original Metazen no longer exists; the current site is entirely different). Story now available to read at Fictionaut.


Before 2013


From 2009 to 2012 I wrote as Martha Williams.

Selected stories:

(Not exactly safe for work.) 


Shortlisted: 2012 Bridport Prize, short story category
Longlisted: 2012 Fish flash fiction prize (A Slice Of Blue)


First Person — Commended in the inaugural NFFD microfiction competition, 2012 and included in the Jawbreakers anthology (May 2012, ISBN 978-1-84914-285-4).

There Will Be No Lace — Commended in the New Writer Magazine 2011 Prose and Poetry competition, microfiction category, and published in the The New Writer Magazine (July 2012, Issue #111, ISSN:1363-1667). *UPDATE* 2018: published online at Flashback Fiction.

Print/online (flash/micro)

Wrapped — NFFD Jawbreakers anthology (May 2012, ISBN 978-1-84914-285-4).

Ripening (microfiction) and Almost (nanofiction) — Flash Fiction Southwest anthology, Kissing Frankenstein and Other Stories (May 2012, ISBN 978-1-4716-8493-7) and website. Ripening also in I Can Show You the World and Other Stories, and Almost was read out on Wiltshire Radio. [2014 update: now available on Fictionaut.]



Wet Stones — highly commended in the 9th Seán Ó Faoláin short story competition and published in Southword Journal Online, Issue 21 (Dec 2011/Jan 2012, ISSN 1649 0959).

She Could Have Given Him Strawberries — 3rd prize in the FlashStories flash fiction competition (Oct 2011). Now up at Fictionaut.

Print (flash fiction)

Double-jointed MindThunderclap! 6, June 2011

A couple of nano pieces in Fiona Robyn’s collection, Pay Attention: A River of Stones.

Online (flash fiction)

White Smoke — Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series – September Flash Special.

Breathe In — Atticus Review, Aug 2011.


Seven pieces of flash fiction at 52|250: Within You Without, Granny’s Mouth, Nesh, There You Are, Eighty-eight, The Next Step and Sand. My thanks to editors Michelle Elvy, John Wentworth Chapin and Walter Bjorkman.

(Sand is also published in Litsnack, my thanks to editor Dan Tricarico).


Longlisted: 2010 Fish Short Story prize (Some Friend).


The Shallow End of the Sea — 3rd prize in Meridian short story competition (Autumn 2010). [Meridian blog.]

Joshua’s Hand — Runner-up prize in the Cazart flash fiction competition (July 2010), published in the Summer 2010 Cazart Winners’ Anthology (p. 28).

Print (microfiction)

Nobody Told Marni — The Linnet’s Wings (July 2010, ISSN 2009-2369).

Online flash fiction

Shopping List Mind — Metazen (April 2010) – now archived.

Our Stop — The Pygmy Giant (July 2010).

Spill — A-Minor Magazine (Aug 2010).

Heading West — Camroc Press Review (Aug 2010).

She Frog — Six Sentences (Aug 2010). Warmed — Six Sentences (Feb 2010)

No Biscuits — Wufniks (Oct 2010)

Sand — Litsnack (Dec 2010).

Nanoism (Twitter fiction) — 3 pieces from May to Dec 2010: Nodding, Stiff, and Almost. (Nodding was also used as the first line in a story, Nothing Good Can Come of This by Marcelle Heath (Necessary Fiction, Jan 2011, First Footings series).)

There were quite a few others. Some were lost to the land of expired litzines — Tomlit, Like Birds Lit, etc. RIP.



The Kodachrome Years — 1st prize in the Writers’ Forum Magazine short story competition (Dec 2009, Issue #98. ISSN 1467-2529).

The School Gate — 2nd prize in Writers Bureau short story competition (2009).

The Slightest Huff — 1st prize in Meridian short story competition (Winter 2009). [Meridian blog.] [The original site has gone.]