My early TV career: 2. Women who drink too much

Second time

1996-ish. Documentary. 

Social icon, political poster girl for drunk women.

I was driving through London after work and a few mates were meeting up in a pub, so I dropped in to say hi but, because I was driving, I just had a diet coke. While we were chatting, a guy came by and asked if we’d mind him taking our photo or filming, and I didn’t care, so I said sure, and ignored him ever after.

Turns out he was filming a programme on “women who drink too much”

and we were his poster girls.

My friends were unimpressed, while I basked in my new-found stardom and planned a lucrative career in wordless, boozy political commentary.

(That man owes me a double vodka and a taxi ride home.)

If I had my time again, I’d have recorded these to show my children, but this all happened before broadband existed.

So there we go, my 3 minutes of fame

(I still have 12 minutes left; call my agent).

Image by E.Z キ ? from Pixabay

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