PAY ATTENTION: A RIVER OF STONES (two mindful nano pieces)

This is a really sweet book — hundreds of writers slowed down for a couple of minutes every day for a month, just pausing to savour a moment and note down their observations. I tried to include my children when they were in the mood; it was a perfect chance to capture some real memories of taste, smell, sound, vision, touch, hope, joy, sadness, curiosity… anything.

During the month we submitted them to #aros, A River of Stones, in which all our thoughts and sensations were distilled into words, made concrete in time.

And this is what happened.

Some of the “stones” were observant, some thoughtful, some playful, others seemed therapeutic. There are SO MANY voices in this. It’s a real chorus of humanity.

It was a beautiful experience. Thanks to editors Fiona Robyn and Kaspalita for the lovely habit, that will continue far beyond publications.

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If you’d like a copy, or just to have a peek into the book, there’s a ‘look inside’ option on Amazon.

(If you’re receiving this years after the post, apols, I deleted all of Martha Williams years ago but am now unearthing a few bits that I’d like to keep.)

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