At 2am

“Is that you?” His eyes are shut, he’s waving one arm about.

“It’s me.”

“Tell me a dream, a good dream.”

My voice is creaky with sleep, “Once upon a time there was a man and a woman and three children and they all loved each other and they were always kind and they lived happily ever after.”

He’s asleep.

Sometimes it’s not the story, not the words… sometimes it’s just the telling.


    • tu says:

      Thank Lesley, of course — any time! (But if it’s earlier than 2am, you might be greeted with blank stares and asked for something slightly longer…)

  1. tu says:

    Oh, that sounds lovely.

    As for my serenity… it’s a fleeting thing. It comes and goes. Some days it goes way, wayyyyy away… 😉

    • tu says:

      Hi Paula, congrats and thanks for including me — I’ve left a comment on your blog, but have already done the Lucky 7 post 🙂

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