Reading: The Night Rainbow by Claire King

I’ve just joined GOODREADS and decided the first book I’d review would be Claire King’s ‘The Night Rainbow’.

It’s a  sensual, soulful little story about a small girl growing up in France, whose family has been decimated by the loss of first a baby, and then their father. I was lucky enough to see this in various incarnations,  and now have the hardback sitting on my desk — twinkling, with purple stars.

Claire is over here. Her book is here:

The Night Rainbow by Claire King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At five and a half, Pea understands that sometimes babies don’t come home from the hospital, fathers die, and mothers need a lot of rest if they are pregnant again — so Pea makes her own food, tries to tidy the house to cheer up Maman, and takes four-year-old Margot to play and eat peaches in the meadow.
It’s the kind of story that makes you want to adopt the main character; to jump through the pages, run in, and make it all right — but we can only watch as Pea tries to mend her family.
This is the voice of a small girl, written by a mother of small girls. It’s as charming as it sounds, with the clear, simple voice of the child interspersed with those flashes of intuition that five-year-olds produce occasionally, just to remind us that they understand more than we know.
Favourite character? Margot — little sister, voice of reason, bearer of night rainbows.


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