On Goodreads

I’ve joined Goodreads — I’m here (do get in touch!), and I’ll try to hook up to my reviews when I post them.

I’ve always felt a bit shy about reviewing — a critical review should explore the strengths and weaknesses in a book and I never feel in the mood to criticise; so much effort has gone into making the story, and the majority of books are presented for our enjoyment… what’s to complain about? But, you know, we readers have our opinions so I’ll share mine, for what it’s worth.

So far, I’ve reviewed a couple of children’s books, a couple of friends’ books and one or two personal favourites, but I’m going to make the effort to log my reading more regularly from now on.

It should be helped by a massive book cull, in which I will no doubt revisit some of my old reads. We have a new study and are in the process of separating our fiction and reference libraries. It’s a little daunting because our current librarian is gravity, plus or minus a few spiders, and our books number in the thousands. Wish us luck…


  1. Ooh, don’t cull the books – they’re endangered species, don’t you know? Unfortunately, I’ve just quit goodreads (not happy with their being gobbled up by Amazon), else I’d have connected with you there, but I look forward to your reviews.

    • t upchurch says:

      It’s OK, the only culled books so far are an instruction book for Adobe 6, and a phonebook. The rest have been treated to a brush and hoover, and put back onto clean shelves. I have found a couple of gems, too, some very old books, so might share a few snippets on the blog.

      Agree with you re: Goodreads; it’s a shame about Amazon. I’ve been a slacker and used Amazon too much since the birth of my youngest but plan to get back to our local shops again now. Also hoping to get up to Hay-on-Wye again (once we’ve culled the ancient Yellow Pages…).

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