A collection of flash-fictions 
Edited by Calum Kerr and Holly Howitt
A National Flash-Fiction Day and Gumbo Press publication
ISBN 978-0-9572713-4-0

The second National Flash-Fiction Day anthology has arrived, bringing us stories from over sixty authors. I’m happy to be a part of this, with ROSE PETAL EYES.

Fifty flash pieces were selected from about three hundred anthology submissions, plus the ten winners of the 2013 microfiction competition, and stories were commissioned from Jenn Ashworth, Tania Hershman, Jonathan Pinnock, Kevlin Henney, Vanessa Gebbie, Sarah Hilary, David Hartley, Alison Wells, Nuala Ní Chonchúir, Amy Mackelden, and editors Calum Kerr and Holly Howitt. For a full list of authors, click here. 

Everyone was asked to draw inspiration from a work of art or piece of music. The inspirations for the stories are not included in the anthology, but that is their origin. The pieces vary enormously — Nuala Ní Chonchúir’s intensely beautiful story is steeped in lore, Calum Kerr’s psychological delve is both haunting and chilling, while Alison Wells produces two pieces, one huge and cosmic, one tiny and very human. I’ll leave the reviewing to those less biased, but I really enjoyed the read.

The anthology will be released on National Flash Fiction Day, 22 June 2013, but you can buy SCRAPS for Kindle now, for some fairly tiny prices:

Amazon UK £1.98

(Many thanks to Rosalind Minett for her review.)

Amazon US $3.08

or you can pre-order the lovely paperback here for a discounted price of £6 + P&P (normally £6.95 + P&P).




I imagined it until it felt nearly real and my eyes streamed and snot clogged up my nose. I choked and heard her pause, as if she’d heard me imagining her dead.

Thanks to editors Calum Kerr and Holly Howitt.

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