A COIN, TWO COINS — What The Dickens? ‘The Busker’ Anthology

What The Dickens? magazine has just launched a themed “Busker” anthology containing a collection of nineteen flash fictions by Benjamin Judge, Connell Wayne Regner, Shirley Golden, Stephanie Ellis, Abigail Wyatt, David Ellis, Ali Holland, Jules Sanderson, Juliet Wilson, Kate Murray, Lizzi Hawkins, Pat Phillips, Sallie Durham, Sharon Woodcock, Tom Preston, Caroline Auckland, Peter Cooper, Z. Husain and me.

My thanks to editor Victoria Bantock.

[2020 update: no longer available on Kindle and not in stock elsewhere. Still on Goodreads.]


 A Coin, Two Coins

Spare us a coin, man? She’s never heard him ask, but it hangs unspoken in the sadness he pushes through his harmonica, while his hands work the old, beat-up guitar that tries to be a Gibson for his fingertips.

Read online at Fictionaut.

(WTD website no longer working.)

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