Gravity spine poems

Have you seen this?

Spine poems — making poems out of the titles of books.


Waterstones are hosting a competition for the best spine poems, with Tate Britain tickets for the winners.

All you need to do is share a spine poem made up of a maximum of six books, as shown in the post above, on Twitter using the hashtag #gravityspinepoem.

Full details here.

I’m finding them a bit addictive…


(N.B. For the comp, I think you’re restricted to one entry but I’m having too much fun for that).


    • t upchurch says:

      Hi Josephine, I’m with you, I’m not competing (I think for the competition, you have to sub just one entry and comply with the T&Cs). I’m just doing them for fun, I trashed my bookshelves this morning, finding it surprisingly addictive! I might get the kids to have a go, they’d love it.

      • Yes, I think kids would love this – it would also be a good ice-breaker for parties, business meetings, workshops, etc etc I have sent one over to Waterstones in any case just for the fun of it and, yes, I’ve trashed my bookshelves!

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