I have moved!

I’ve moved — I’ve leaped from the comfort and safety of WordPress.com into the murky pond that is WordPress.org.

I’m still on traceyupchurch.com but if you click on it, it will now bring you here —  where I sit in a puddle of my own making, frightened and alone, chewing Haribo and wondering if I’ve doomed myself to being my own only subscriber FOREVERRRRRRRRRR.

(Swivels eyes, bites head off gummy bear.)



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    • TU says:

      Well, so far it’s been OK. You can still log in to WordPress.com and use the stats etc, and being .org means you can change fonts and widgets for free (so Watson has widgets on the single posts, which is the kind of tweak I like to make). But that said, both systems are fine (so far). If you do move, make sure you head over to the wordpress.com support forums and ask them to send your followers over to your new site — worth it.

      • Chris says:

        It’s the possibility of choosing my own fonts that tempts me the most. That and having a shorter URL. Thanks for the tip on the followers.

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