• TUpchurch says:

      Thank you, C! I have a selection out there at the moment; a couple of previously listed ones (Bridport and Fish listers now sent elsewhere) and some brand new work, in a new style, so I’m hoping they get a passing nod. We’ll see. I like the wait, it’s tingly. And yeah, I did dig back into the novel recently. Oh my… (work to be done).

    • TUpchurch says:

      Early success is weird, quite a lot of us have the same pattern — success then drought — discussed it with Anouska Huggins and Sal Page in the comment stream (here) of one of my 2013 blog posts. I don’t know if it’s just that a new writer brings a fresh voice, or whether at first you have a lifetime’s worth of story ideas and tend to pick the best, or whether new writers pick easier contests… no idea — but early success does seem to happen. You do just have to keep going, though.

  1. TUpchurch says:

    D’you know, I *like* it when they’re pending. Failure is sad, success is ace, but pending is full on tingly!

  2. TUpchurch says:

    25 May: Little note to self: I am going to look an utter berk when every single reader rejects me. *And* I’m going to take it personally; pulling out tufts of my own hair, spitting at people, and sulking for a decade. I might even throw books.

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