My submissions diary

It’s been a while. I’m pretty much all parent and day job at the moment, but anyway,

here are my playgrounds:

Sub’d Submission Type Outcome / comment
6/14 Flash 500 Comp, flash Pending (Aug 14)
5/14 Bridport (@, f) Comp, s/s Pending (18 Oct 14)
3/14 Bridport (@, f) Comp, flash Pending (18 Oct 14)
5/14 Manchester Comp, s/s As if (17 Oct 14)
5/14 NFFD (@, f) Anth, flash x 2 Accepted — one flash (5 Jun 14)
4/14 BSSP (@, f) Comp, s/s Pending (16 Jul 14)
3/14 Stinging Fly (@, f) Mag, s/s Pending (14 Jul 14)
2/14 Short Fiction Comp, s/s Rejected (13 Jun 14)
Bath SSA (@) Comp, s/s Rejected (26 May 14)
Mslexia (@) Comp, s/s Rejected (20 May 14)

OK, so there are my subs. Let me know if you’re entering the same comps as me, or if we’re listed or published together — I love sharing pages. If you want to gen up on other writers’ submissions, Uschi Gatward is logging hers on the Mslexia blog at the moment. Or if you want advice on how to handle rejection, Dylan Moran pretty much has it covered.

Happy writing.


    • TUpchurch says:

      Thank you, C! I have a selection out there at the moment; a couple of previously listed ones (Bridport and Fish listers now sent elsewhere) and some brand new work, in a new style, so I’m hoping they get a passing nod. We’ll see. I like the wait, it’s tingly. And yeah, I did dig back into the novel recently. Oh my… (work to be done).

    • TUpchurch says:

      Early success is weird, quite a lot of us have the same pattern — success then drought — discussed it with Anouska Huggins and Sal Page in the comment stream (here) of one of my 2013 blog posts. I don’t know if it’s just that a new writer brings a fresh voice, or whether at first you have a lifetime’s worth of story ideas and tend to pick the best, or whether new writers pick easier contests… no idea — but early success does seem to happen. You do just have to keep going, though.

  1. TUpchurch says:

    D’you know, I *like* it when they’re pending. Failure is sad, success is ace, but pending is full on tingly!

  2. TUpchurch says:

    25 May: Little note to self: I am going to look an utter berk when every single reader rejects me. *And* I’m going to take it personally; pulling out tufts of my own hair, spitting at people, and sulking for a decade. I might even throw books.

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