The June round-up finds me nervous, which is unusual for me (I major in sleepy). I have a piece of writing that I’m excited about because it’s a new style for me, and if it works — if it finds a home — I’ll do more in in a similar vein, to the point where it might form the basis of a new novel. Plus it’s for a publication whose opinion I value… I’m waiting for the rejection as I speak.

So anyway, June was a cracker: first up was National Flash Fiction Day. The shenanigans all happened here (@, f), and the anthology is looking beautiful with a stunning line up of contributors. I’m assured that author copies are in the post, which is awesome because no matter how much I love the web, there’s always that lovely buzz of holding stories in print. I wonder if the next generation will feel the same about clutching a little bound pile of paper?

Also in June, there was the #bookadayuk fun to be had on Twitter — set up by The Borough Press (an imprint of HarperCollins), and soon differentiated from the spring break reading hashtag #bookaday, we all tweeted daily about our favourite childhood books, books that we didn’t finish, those that inspired us, or books with blue covers. A welcome bit of fun. (Mine are here.)

In other news, I got a shout out from The Theme Foundry and was happy to return the call — if you’re looking to set up a new website, you could do a lot worse than go here.

For me, the rest of the month was a crazy pitch between various hospitals in an attempt to look after various family members. This was far from conducive to writing but on my travels, someone new asked me how my writing was going, and it really made me sit up and think. My writing has been limited in the last couple of years, largely due to family issues, but of course, children grow and times change… There is, conceivably, a chance that I could write again soon; that a novel could take root and slowly start to unfurl.

It’s just a thought.


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