WIND SPINNER on the Fictionaut blog

Just over a week ago, someone gave me a competition writing prompt — to write a 100-word microfiction containing the phrase “I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes”. I didn’t enter the competition but was in the mood for a micro so I wrote WIND SPINNER and popped it up onto Fictionaut.

This week, I was thrilled to receive a message from Carol Reid saying that it’s been included in Myra King’s latest Editor’s Eye post  on the Fictionaut blog, with some very generous comments. Thank you, Carol and Myra! And also to the entire community of readers at Fictionaut, who make writing there such a pleasure; it keeps us all going.



She’s elemental; lives for the sun on her neck, earth beneath her feet, and rain in her hair.



Image attribution: Copyright 123RF Stock Photo



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