GO SET A WATCHMAN by Harper Lee — erm, is it supposed to look like that?

It looks like William Heinemann might be having rather a busy week. On 14 July, GO SET A WATCHMAN by Harper Lee was published — and as predicted it’s been Amazon’s number 1 seller with over 100 days in the top 100 books.

But there’s been a printing error: chunks of text are missing from the bottom of some pages.

According to The Independent, “Readers have not reacted well to the news” — which makes a minor glitch sound bigger than it is  (these things happen and in some ways little glitches and oddities bring the publishing process to life). That said, I’d like to read the whole story so I’ve asked for a complete copy.


For anyone worrying, the missing bits seem to be after p. 250-ish and if you ordered after 16th July 2015, you should be OK. For everyone else, the publisher and sellers are working to send out replacement copies.

And now, to read it…


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