Children’s books — my 2016 reading list

Despite my best intentions, I’ve (ahem) “not had a lot of luck” (been a total slacker) in producing a list of my 2015 adult reads, mostly because I spend my entire life delving into kids’ books. So I thought, ey up, I could put up a page about the kids’ books that we read.

This also looks a bit miniscule currently, in the sense that it’s only just started and I can’t think of any books that I read in 2015. It’s like that 5-second game, when you have to name something within five seconds?

‘Name a colour!’

‘Um, what, argh, CHEESE.’

So I did read a shed-load of books in 2015, as I do every year, but sadly can’t remember a single title. Umm… I think I read a bit of Treasure Island? I definitely read Stig of the Dump, and Mango and Bambang: the Not-a-Pig, and recommend both of those.  And Lari Don’s Winter’s Tales.

This year, I’m going to read Skellig and about a hundred others. Watch this space.

This space.


  1. This is a wonderful idea. I am incredibly grateful for my various nieces who are providing me with small people to buy books for. I bought one such person a copy of Shirley Hughes’ ‘Alfie Gets In First’ (since we’re talking Shirleys) for Christmas and made sure I carefully re-read it first. Watching this page with enthusiasm.

    • tupchurch says:

      Thanks J! Yes, reading with children is really fun — I love it. I’ve never logged my reading with them before, never formally organised it, so am kind of interested to see where this takes us!

Thank you for reading 😊