Summer updates and two summer reads

OK, we’ve broken up for the summer and we’re ready to read lots of novels.

This year I’m sagging into the hols with a sense of relief; my year has included car crashes, a boat crash, an operation, and a faceful of dental work. The last few weeks have been crazy-busy, fixing things and working out, and I’m ready to kick back with bagloads of books. I’ve started with these:

Marriage Material by Sathnam Sanghera (for book club this week, will review on Goodreads in a bit) — yes, it’s funny, telling, depressing, funny again —


Lari Don’s Spellchasers: The Beginners’ Guide to Curses (age 9+) which is fabulous — really loved the book, it’s the first in a series, and it will be out in August so there’s barely any time to wait! Squeaks all round, a load of you kids will be getting this for your birthdays in the autumn. (My 9y/o will be reviewing it in due course, links to follow.)

Here’s what the author had to say (link below) and while you’re there, check out her Winter’s Tales short story collection which is gorgeous and well worth the read, again pitch at 8-12y.

The other thing brought to my attention this week is creepypasta — online horror stories written by just about anybody. They’re of variable quality but there are some gems in there, stories that put the hackles up. I love a good horror or suspense; that lovely tingle when you start reading in the wrong part of the house and realise that you can hear creaks and scratchings, and you’re miles away from a safe duvet den or anyone who can protect you, so you grab the dog and a blanket and read it with a torch. Yes, inside I’m still 12. Love it.

My favourite ones are the two-sentence stories. Try the one about the monster under the bed. How scary, no? Just terrifying.

Happy reading!

Thank you for reading 😊