EVERYTHING LOVE IS by Claire King (@ckingwriter)

I’m travelling today (in a mad rush) so it’s going to be hard to do this justice, but here goes:

Claire King’s second novel, EVERYTHING LOVE IS, is out this week, and I really recommend it — it’s even worth buying the hardback (yes, that good).

It’s an intense, sensual family drama set on a canal boat in the south of France — and it’s got a bit of a kick and twist so I’m not going to give any more details beyond a brief review on Goodreads.

On Saturday I went to the book-signing in Stroud which was awesome (books, writers and macaroons!). When I left there were still a couple of author-signed copies available at Stroud bookshop — if you’re in the area, do call them up; they’re very friendly.

I have to sprint now but I’ll leave you with this: Bloomsbury have put up the first two chapters for free, so go, go, go, read!


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