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I’m up at Flashback Fiction today with a historical microfiction, There Will Be No Lace.In case you haven’t been there yet, Flashback Fiction is a gorgeous new site, set up in January this year, that specialises in historical fiction. There are some fabulous stories already up, with author commentaries and audio files.

There Will Be No Lace is a story about 19th century motherhood and adoption. It can either be read online, or there’s an audio version (my first!), and it’s accompanied by an author Q&A in which I answer five questions about the background to the story and my writing process.

Massive thanks to editor Ingrid Jendrzejewski for her time and advice.


There Will Be No Lace

Your lips bubble and slurp, a sweet shik-shik suckle of air as I curl around you

Read / listen

Five questions


September 2018 update

I’m honoured that my story has been nominated for the Best Microfiction 2018 award. Huge thanks again to the editors at FlashBack Fiction:

January 2019:

I’m thrilled that There Will Be No Lace will be included in the Best Microfiction 2019 anthology, alongside some of my favourite authors.



An earlier version of There Will Be No Lace was commended and published (print) in the New Writer Magazine, as part of their 2011 Prose and Poetry Competition. The magazine is no longer running and I’m delighted that the new, edited version of the story has found its final home at Flashback Fiction.

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