Race for Life

Yey, this!

So I just ran my first ever “organised race” and I’ve never been more surprised. I don’t like racing, I injured my foot last week, and one of my children was ill, so I was dreading it, but I’d said I’d do it and so up I turned.

It was awesome! It was SO much fun.

The “race” is not even a bit competitive — it’s a fun run for females (2019 update: males now included too), with everyone and their auntie (and dogs) all running, jogging or walking along, dressed in lots of pink and raising money for Cancer Relief. People were pottering along in the sunshine, with lots of hand-holding and hugging, and lots of pictures of cancer patients stuck to t-shirts. It was really touching to see very young children running for their grandparents, parents, and other family and friends. Some were running for people who had died, others for survivors, and some people just running for everyone.

If anyone fancies doing a “Race for Life” then I’d say, do it! It’s not a race, it’s a celebration of life. You don’t have to be fast or fit or a runner, you just have to turn up and enjoy!

(Details: Race for Life)


(They do a special muddy one, too. Reckon I’ll do that one day, just to cover up the pink.)

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