Elder kids swimming across Llyn Bochlwyd

Running up waterfalls

Sometimes you just have to go for the magic.

Back in the summer, on an in-between day of no giant mountains, I asked my children if they’d like to run up a waterfall? They said yes.

Llyn Bochlwyd is a little mountain lake nestled just south of the summit of Tryfan. It’s been called Lake Australia by some, due to its shape, but this is to waste a beautiful old tale. The Welsh name means “Greycheek Lake”; according to a local legend, an old grey stag was hunted but miraculously escaped through swimming to safety in the lake while holding its grey cheeks above the surface.


To get there, you scramble up the waterfall (a path runs beside it or you can clamber up the rocks). Then you can swim where the mythical stag swam, and peer out over the valleys from the lake up in the sky.

Llyn Bochlwyd



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