Bookmarking the moment (running update: cracked shin)


e’ve reached one of my favourite running seasons, when the cooling winds of autumn make running a pleasure and almost make up for the house spiders.

My running has, in the social media sense, been going brilliantly: excellently, EXCELLENTLY – really, really well. It’s excellent.

(I’m piping Voltarol onto my shin as if it were whipped cream, because I have shin splints, and/or a stress fracture. This means pain from ankle to hip. I can’t walk down stairs, can barely run, and official advice is to rest it completely for as long as it takes, possibly months, just 3 weeks before my planned first half-marathon. I’m thrilled. Can’t wait to run 13 miles on a cracked leg.)

(A shout-out to Right Leg who is handling herself with stoicism and decorum.)


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