The Irish Times: What’s Your Nightmare Job and Why?


ast week, I saw a tweet that told me to google my “Twitter name + published” because it can be surprising what comes up. Obviously I did, and I’m excited to report that just over two years ago, on 9 Jan 2018 (finger on the pulse, ALWAYS), I was quoted in an excellent article in The Irish Times — in the education section, no less — called

What’s your nightmare job and why?

How on-brand?

Worst Dressed Person at the Royal Show and
Women Who Drink Too Much.

What’s Your Nightmare Job and Why?

What comes next — an interview on body odour or an essay on how to be a crap wife? I should get paid for this stuff. So anyway, here’s my nightmare job (and why):

“Plastics manufacture. The older I get, the more I want to tread lightly.”

— TM Upchurch, writer and EU scientist

but, seriously, forget me and check out THIS GUY:

“Anything working with my hands. During a primary school parent-teacher meeting my folks were told “he’s a bright boy but he has hands like feet!”

— Andrew McDermott (job unspecified)

Andrew McDermott, the man who has hands like feet; Google is our friend.

So go on, “[YOUR TWITTER NAME] + published”

Go, go, go!

Image by Engin Akyurt 

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