Stuff that’s going on: current short fiction competitions

[Updated 7 June 2020]

OK, it’s May half-term, my first week off in seven months, and an opportunity to write some new fiction – woo hoo! There’s some good stuff going on: 

The Smokelong Quarterly flash award is open till 24 May 2020 – winners get a whole load of exciting nominations as well as a big wedge of cash and publication. Also Smokelong flash workshops have sold out but you can sign up to hear about more in the fall. Now open for general submissions.

Reflex Fiction closes 31 May 20 (but rolling, so June submissions will go into the next one). Now open for next round. 

National Flash Fiction Day is on Saturday, 6 June 2020. Flash flood submission window opens on 25 May and runs to 31 May 20. Fun and sociable – excellent for lockdown. Closed – flash flood stories now available to read.

Yeovil Literary Prize closes on 31 May 20. Haven’t entered this one for ages and never been placed, so on my list for future subs. Closed.

Bridport Prize closes on 31 May 20. Drool. Closed. (Age 16 or over at the closing date).

Bath Flash Fiction rolling quarterly closes on 7 June 20. This comp wins the prize for the most tingly post-submission anticipation on Twitter. Closed. (Age 16 or over at the closing date).

Fish Publishing have a Lockdown Prize (someone had to) – 30% proceeds go to Oxfam, closes 15 June 20. Cool on every level. 

Wells Litfest annual competition closes 30 June 20. I know nothing about this, but there it is to explore.

VS Pritchett Award closes 3 July 20. Fancy. 

Liars League are heading up online shows during lockdown – women-only fiction subs to be in by 5 Jul 20 for 11 August showing. (Meanwhile their next event is 9 June, mystery and suspense…) 

Bristol Prize has closed for this year but the lists will be out in July so limber up for some excited clapping. It reopens in the autumn, I’m guessing late October? (Entrants must be over 16y/o.) 

Flashback fiction’s current submission window closes 15 July 20. Gorgeous. 

Seán O’Faoláin Short Story Competition closes 31 July 20. Warm memories of past publication, I have a soft spot for this one. 

HISSAC also closes 31 July 20. Fab.

And if you’re busy at the moment, you can take a bit more time and hold out for these: 

Pank Magazine – big books and little books, subs by 9 Sep 20.

Moth Nature Writing Prize closes on 15 Sept 20. Pretty magazine. 

Manchester fiction prize closes 18 Sep 20. Loot. 


Fancy any of these? 

Do check out all the guidelines because some of those close at 5pm, not midnight, and don’t put your name on anonymous stuff and so on on on on on, you know the drill. Also don’t write your best because I want to win. (Write your best.) Ping me if you want to rush some deadlines together, I’m up for the laugh.


Image by  devillish69 

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