Gale ripples!

Swimming in Llyn Llydaw in a gale


love Wales! So beautiful.

Today we had gales and torrential rain so obviously couldn’t scale the heights, so the kids and I wandered up the Miners path on Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) for a quick swim in Llyn Llydaw.

This has been called the coldest lake in the UK (I think on a Robson Green programme on wild swimming?) but even wearing a bikini in a gale, it didn’t feel as biting as the sea in February so we thought it felt lovely. We dropped in on the eastern side of the first bulge (between the walkover and the old mining buildings) just because it was in the lee of the wind and so a nice spot to get dressed (nice as in freezing, blowy, and sodden, of course…) The water was clear, cold, fresh and smelt of the earth and the rock and it was BEAUTIFUL.

Will we do it again? As often as we can! (Already missing it.) Absolutely awesome way to spend a howling, rainy, wild and wonderful day!

We had the whole gorgeous lake to ourselves. It was perfect. I love this place.


Weather, ha ha ha, never boring:


Diolch, Eryri. ❤

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