Lockdown me

The lockdown fat and the marathon

I just heard that the marathon I signed up for – my first ever – is postponed till Oct 2021.

This is a shame, but also a relief – I started off 2020 with great intentions and ran 200 km in January to make up for the split-shin half marathon the previous October, and it was all good. (Not that I enjoyed the 200km – honestly, it was boring and a bit of a slog, but it was nice to be fit.) Feb was fine and then March was lockdown – going out once a day with kids who didn’t fancy “seeing if they could run 15 miles”. This – plus work and home education pressure – meant that running-proper didn’t really start again till August and with just 8 weeks to go, having put on a hideous yet weirdly impressive 18lbs of pure fat during lockdown, I was wondering if the shin would crack again. Now I have the chance to train properly, maybe even for another half before I do the full 26.2 miles.



Thank you for reading 😊