The lockdown fat and the marathon

Hmmm, a couple of things happened this week.

  1. I weighed myself on new scales that don’t drop ten pounds when you lean backwards,
  2. I got an email from the marathon I’d signed up for – my first ever – saying it was postponed till 2021,

and I was RELIEVED.

Not glad – I feel really bad for all the runners who’d actually trained for this and were ready, because that’s gutting – but for me, personally… bit of a giant phew.

I started off 2020 with good intentions and ran 200 km in January to make up for the split-shin half marathon the previous October, and it was all good. Not that I enjoyed the 200km – honestly, it was boring and a bit of a slog, but it was nice to be fit. Feb was fine and then March was lockdown – going out once a day with kids who didn’t fancy “seeing if they could run 15 miles”.

This – plus work and home education pressure – meant that running-proper didn’t really start again till August and with just 8 weeks to go, I was wondering if the shin would crack again. I now have the chance to train properly, maybe even for another half before I do the full 26.2 miles.

And then the bodyweight… do we go there? I’ve been the same weight for about 5 years but then came the lockdown, the home-ed/office work combo, the eating habits of someone who exercises a lot more than I have been doing…

I’ve put on 18 lbs.

Let me shriek that for you: Eight-EEN POUNDS. 


So. August. I’ve signed up for a 100 km challenge just for giggles and to remind myself not to ever eat that much ever again without a serious training program. Ever. Because, friends, running 26 miles and shedding 18 lbs of bodyweight? Wish me luck:

this is going to hurt. 


(Just found that earlier in the year, I signed up for “run 1000 km in 2020” so I could do that… I have about 630 km / 400 miles to go = approx 40,000 kcal = approx 11 lbs – and 18 weeks to Christmas. It’s a start.)


Thank you for reading 😊