Two years ago, I ran all the time. This year, barely at all - yet

Great South Run Solo – a chance to support the NHS and burn off the lockdown lard

Whooo hooo! New starts! (I have rarely felt less “woo hoo” in my life, bear with me, I’m trying to keep smiling…)

So, during lockdown the NHS looked after our country despite the odds. In the face of a new disease, and still facing down all the old ones, people put their lives at risk and families on hold to protect everyone.

During lockdown it was also REALLY hard to find the time to run.

So, the cancelled great South Run has now changed into the Great South Run Solo – we can all sign up online and pay ยฃ10, and then we run 25 runs (any pace and distance) over 48 days. All profits will go to the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal.

I’ve spent lockdown getting fat and floppy, because my working day didn’t allow a lot of (any) time out to run, therefore I’m really excited at the prospect of running off the (cough) eighteen pounds I’ve put on this year(!) Obviously, this isn’t all going to be fixed in just 48 days, but it’s a lovely way to start ๐Ÿ˜Š and I’m more than ready to send out a little thank you to the NHS.

If you fancy joining in, the details are available below:


This – (ew) – is what’s left of me after lockdown: fat, knackered, feeling sad, and with my own personalised “old” sign ๐Ÿ˜Š (Taken after Run#2: hoping this can be some sort of “before” pic)

This is ideal weight + 20 lbs…

And here are my runs!


(Vaguely aiming for 75 miles / 120 km)

1/9 run #1 – 6.02 kmit was like watching some sort of animated pie try to navigate the suburbs, but I did it: I started. I also fell flat on my face on the pavement, but still, I startedย 

3/9 run #2 – 5.26 km – rainy, misty, murky trot with lovely son and dog, total 11.28 km

4/9 run #3 – 5.13 km with fab son and dog again. Run was actually quite a bit further but forgot to turn my watch back on after I stopped in the shop to buy triple chocolate ice cream – however, this doesn’t matter, because I have triple chocolate ice cream. Total 16.41 km

5/9 run #4 – 6.68 km with various degrees of very tired children. Watched the Classic Quarter ultra runners pass by on their 30th mile, some looking very hot and tired. (Go, runners!) (total 23.09 km)

6/9 run #5 – 8.04 km run/walk to ease the shin back into the weekly distances (it still remembers being cracked after all this time). Anyhow, 8 km covered, total now 31.13 km

7, 8, 9, 10/9 – no running: I can’t describe how busy some days are. If you know, you know.

11/9 run #6 – 6.04 km gentle run, total 37.17 km

12/9 run #7 – 5.04 km with lovely Eldest. Lunchtime sun run – very hot. Total 42.21 km

13/9 run #8 – 5.12 km. Shin STILL being an unforgiving ass. Total 47.33 km

16/9 run #9 – 5.17 km, total 52.5 km.

17/9 run #10 – 5.04 km, total 57.54 km

19/9 run #11 – 5.38 km other people’s phone calls and appointments messing with my mojo. Total 62.92 km

Also 19/9 run #12 – 2.22 km, when you get home after your run and one of the kids changes his mind about coming. Total 65.14 km.

20/9 run #13 – 5.51 km, total 70.65 km.

[and I have now lost 2 lbs in weight – yup, two, TWO, not ten, TWO pounds]

Sometimes you don’t realise how wrecked you are until you see yourself in a photo

21/9: tired, swam.

22/9 run #14: 6.07 km, total 76.72 km.

23/9 run #15 5.25 km, total blah blah blah cake. (81.97 km)

Just for the record, I seem to have been able to eat back on 80 km-worth of weight loss in less than an hour. Just putting this out there. Brilliant. Just brilliant. (Although kudos, face, for outrunning the legs, I suppose.) So we’ll start again. Maybe it would look better in kilos?

9.5 kg. Go.

25/9 run #XX didn’t take Garmin – unlogged! (If you don’t log it, did it really happen?)

27/9 been walking, running and swimming and simply not logged any of it. Complacency, ahhhh. (Note to self: log some of these, dammit. At least ten.)

27/9 run #16 2.22 km (84.19 km)

28/9 run #17 5.61 km (89.80 km)

29/9 run #18 3.56 km (93.36 km)

8.5 kg to go

30/9 run #19 7.08 km (100.44 km)

1/10 run #20 3.60 kmย  (104.04 km) Ran out of time (which sounds a lot more quantum than it was)

8.0 kg to go

3/10 run #21 7.10 kmย (total 111.14 km)

4/10 run #22 1.91 kmย (total 113.05 km)ย 

6/10 run #23 3.78 kmย (total 116.83 km)ย 

8/10 run #24 5.49 kmย (total 122.32 km)ย 

11/10 run #25 2.45 km (total 124.77 km)

17/10 run #26 4.17 km (total 128.94 km)

18/10 run #27 5.21 km (total 134.15 km)


Yey, got my medal!


ย image

Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ˜Š