I’ve been using this blog to try to cheer myself up through a tough few years and recently through lockdown – a friendly place where I can lay out my dreams and look at them from a little distance.

This place has had a lot of posts written, edited, and sometimes deleted, and my dreams have ranged from my volunteering exploits in a primary school, where I used to daydream of maybe one day working with children, to running, when I dreamed of scaling mountain peaks and ridges and swimming in cold, high lakes, and writing fiction, when I would dream of people reading and hopefully enjoying my work.

It’s been a magical journey so far and I’ve met some incredible people. I met a lot of fantastic children and read a lot of children’s books, and helped stock a school library that will always hold a special place in my heart, with fabulous real-life and Twitter friends. I’ve run along a lot of spectacular mountain paths, swum in some beautiful, wild lakes and had the privilege of doing so with my own children. I’ve enjoyed lovely feedback on my stories from professional editors and kind readers.

Now it’s time to go – to perhaps chase some of those unfinished dreams, or to belong and contribute in other ways. The dreams won’t build themselves while I blog.

So, for now,

thank you and goodbye.


Thank you for reading 😊