Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Didn’t that come around fast – and yet not soon enough.

The other day, in December, I lay on my back in the sea and watched the sun rise between my feet. Basking in the beauty of the moment, I hoped that the last few weeks of 2020 might be calmer and more enjoyable than the months before. Then Christmas was cancelled and that little turnaround pretty much sums up 2020: don’t relax, something bloody awful is about to happen.

Now it’s New Year – my favourite time of year, except that, for the first time, my inner optimist needs a bit of a boost. I’m finding myself trying to gauge what’s going to happen next before committing to a giant optimistic grin. The last few years have been… oddly textured?

2016: strange Referendum, what?

2017: fine Work, family, running – a bit Brexity but otherwise normal.

2018: unthinkably hellish Whole year in hospital getting the entire family checked for a horrible diagnosis that was first confirmed on my birthday. Had to stop work for months of watching my loved ones being wired to machines, and over the year felt so desolate and earned so little that I gave the whole lot to a little state school in a desperate bid to achieve something positive. School thought that I was either totally weird or that I wanted something, and regarded me strangely ever after.

2019: relatively fabulous Euphoric to have survived 2018, hospital visits managed, ran a half marathon (with a cracked shin), sparkly new job.

2020: relatively hellish COVID, Brexit-transition, managing new job from home while trying to home-educate and be carer without support, neighbour fenced off our garden in the middle of lockdown, put on 20 lbs of body fat, hospital checks cancelled, Christmas cancelled. Verdict: hellish for everyone (although, for us, still not as bad as 2018).

2021: really? 😨 Because we’re starting with COVID, full Brexit, missing and worrying about loved ones, fat, and trying to work from home without knowing when the kids go back to school.

Still, it does feel like a new start, and in all honesty, that’s worth something. Maybe this year we can work together to build something positive out of the residues of 2020. Maybe we can reach out into the community and reclaim what people have lost. Maybe we can collectively feed and support, on a local level, those who have not been able to receive government funding during lockdown. Maybe we can forge new paths out of the potentially isolating effects of Brexit, and as individuals and businesses, reach across the globe to press on with projects and developments, despite new hurdles. Maybe we can focus on our environment and discover new innovations that will secure a safe and beautiful future for our children and grandchildren.

It’s going to be great, right? 

It’s not, is it?

Ah, maybe it will be brilliant. Here’s to hoping, and working with what we have.

I am Going For A Run.

Wishing everyone all the best for 2021 xxx

Thank you for reading 😊