Oh shit

So how was it for you?

So how was it for you, babes? All good? The first week of 2021 is over, and I think most of us can say it was 2020+. So. 2021 is an absolute hound, what can we say? 


Trump was banned from Twitter after allegedly inciting riots on Capitol Hill. Thank God Joe Biden comes in on 20/1 – please let that moment hurry up.


With the advent of a new, more contagious variant, the UK spiked a new peak of 1,325 in daily cooronavirus deaths, and London entered a state of emergency. The NHS is buckling. Thank God for our incredible NHS staff and scientists, and for the three licensed vaccines entering the UK market.

Schools, lockdown

After stating categorically that primary schools would stay open, and allowing schools to open on 4/1/21 and families to meet on 25/12/20, at 8pm on 4 Jan, the UK government announced that they would be closed from the following morning, for six weeks. Cue work-from-home chaos for untold families with parents and teachers alike working until 2am or getting up at dawn. Working from home while educating kids isn’t easy logistically but when you’re a lone parent or the only able-bodied adult in the home, and/or if you work with confidential information, it becomes contractually impossible to fulfil the terms of contract.

Thank God for the fabulousness of children. Thank God for incredible, supportive, understanding colleagues. Thank God for hard-working teachers.


Tariffs, regulations, lorries full of rotting fish queuing at the borders between the UK and the EU, drug licensing professionals trying to ensure continuous supply of medicines, “companies warned”. The impact is about to hit and the negotiations are far from over. FT –  “London unlikely to regain lost EU share trading, warn City figures“. DAG – “Six reasons why those who want to shift the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union need to now think in five-year cycles“. Not sure what to thank on this one… a bit stumped. Thank God for our younger generation; may they be brighter than their parents.



I did not lose weight over the Christmas break and I now have 20lbs bodyweight to lose by the end of March. I do not relish this. Thank God for plain yoghurt, prawns, and hot paprika.


The Met office has issued UK weather warnings – UK may be subjected to temperatures of -9 deg C this weekend. Thank God for the roofs above our heads. Thank God for homeless charities, and let’s support them.


Thank God for fiction.


This is Week 1.

Weekend 2 will involve a lot of preparatory work for Week 2. And vodka. A LOT. Of both.


In times of crisis, what we do matters more than at any other time.

Here’s to looking out for one another.



Thank you for reading 😊