Watch Croft


atch Croft is a marilyn* and at 252m the highest point in West Penwith — OS Grid reference 50.164156239098;-5.6139629743592 SW420356]

(*Wikipedia, “Marilyns are defined as peaks with a prominence of 150 metres (490 ft) or more, regardless of height or any other merit (e.g. topographic isolation, as used in Munros). Thus, Marilyns can range from being mountains, with a height above 600 m (2,000 ft), to being relatively small hills.[2] As of April 2020 there were 2,011 Marilyns” (in the UK).)

It’s also a beautiful, short, and relatively easy hill walk that, in clear weather, gives stunning views of the North and South coasts of the peninsula. In the right season, it’s covered in gorse. The air is fresh off the Atlantic and the slopes often scattered with horses and cattle. Since the whole walk can be done within an hour, it’s a lovely impromptu wander for a sunny day.

Access: the easiest way up, at a total of 3km (1.5km each way), is to park at Carn Galver engine house, walk a couple of hundred yards down the road to the southwest before turning inland (south) up the clear track.  When you come to a stone stile, backtrack 10 yards and find a footpath to the southeast: head on up and the cairn is right in front of you.

Thank you, Strava

Alternatively, there are beautiful paths up from the south, from Men an Tol or Nine Maidens. It’s a lovely area to ramble, but stick to the paths as there are many pot holes, bogs, and old mines.


Little horses and big skies (looking south, Watch Croft summit to the west / right of the photo – turn right just before the fence/stile)

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