A few places where I have never been published

Did you ever see the opening to the film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? Nothing happens. A man doesn’t know whether to press a button on a PC. It’s one of my favourite films, largely because of the soundtrack and the cycling scene (the skateboarding scene is better, but the cycling scene would be me). Mitty reminds me of me — I didn’t take risks, and then I did. Swimming with sharks is OK. Zoning out happens. Maybe we all gaze out of windows and wonder what we could do?

Here are some places where I’ve never been published (with why I wasn’t — largely early Mitty moments, either zoning out or being afraid to press a button — and why I want/ed to be):

Pank Magazine

__ rejected — they had more edge than me. I could see their edge, I could see mine, and they weren’t in the same place. This is still on the table.

__ There’s good work there, and the aesthetic is a huge favourite (typeface, artwork, colours and white space).

Forge Litmag

__ I didn’t create a piece that I thought would fit.

__ Good editors.

Smokelong Quarterly 

__ Took a couple of rejections back in the early days — need to take a run up, and submit again.

__ Great, established litmag — excellent collection, strong editors.

Jellyfish Review 

__ Never subbed, no reason.

__ Lovely collection, great aesthetic.

The White Review 

__ Daunted, Mitty.

__ Great, diverse pieces, sleek aesthetic, quality collection. (Although am I alone in finding their very beautiful typeface hard to read?)

The Stinging Fly

__ Damn, why?

__ Irish publication for Irish and international writers; strong, observant pieces.

The Kenyon Review 

__ No good reason.

__ Intelligent, established literary publication, but the real reason is that my maiden name is Kenyon.


__ This wasn’t around when I was writing a lot of flash, so it’s on the list.

__ Nuala O’Connor edits here — one of my favourite authors. Take a look.

Bridport Anthology 

__ Oh, I tried, I tried hard…

__ It would be just great.

There are many more, but my dog’s about to chase my cat and I can’t let that happen. I’ll come back to this — but if you fancy subbing to the above, go for it, I’ll try, and we might even end up in the same place.




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