Stuff breaks

Decay. entropy.

“Mortar crumbles, glass shatters, and buildings collapse,” — Brian Cox.

Perhaps humans are low entropy. Perhaps we’re built to break; in the end, isn’t that what we do? Then again, “in principle, the wind could spontaneously build a sandcastle.”

Today is 19 July 2021. In the UK, we were told that today, all the COVID face masks come off and we can go about our daily business much as usual. Join a crowd. Hang out with friends. Relax. The pandemic is… not over, just now allowed a free rein in a widely (although far from completely) vaccinated population. Meanwhile, some of us have been advised to self-isolate for the coming days. So while most people are able to behave largely as they were pre-pandemic, others are housebound.

It reminds me of the clip of Brian Cox making the setting sun rise again by travelling in a jet place faster than the spin of the globe. Even then, it didn’t make him younger; he aged as he did it, and we aged as we watched.





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