Glyder Fach and Llyn Caseg-Fraith


e’d never been up Glyder Fach before — we trundled from Idwal, past Llyn Bochlwyd, up to Bwlch Tryfan with every intention of heading up Tryfan, but Youngest was feeling spooked by heights (yesterday was Rhyd Ddu and we just don’t get on with it) so instead we headed east and sort of wandered up gently and without meaning to. Glyder Fach is lovely — a gentle ascent is possible from the north side, where the Miners path gradually scales the contours heading southeast before opening onto the green plateau behind the summit — a quick hike roughly to the west with a clearly marked path. Even better than the summit is the beautiful plateau behind, and the magical (but eerie) Llyn Caseg-Fraith, a deep, dark peaty pool just to the east, with stunning views of Glyder Fach and Tryfan.

Llyn Caseg-Fraith was full of wildlife – little mating flies, fat tadpoles and energetic froglets, butterflies and dragonflies gleaming in the sunshine. We didn’t jump in as we had a hot date with Bochlwyd (family favourite, just a few metres west) but we’ll be back to explore more thoroughly.

Have to say, it was a bit eerie — the pool didn’t seem to have a shallow end — just dropped straight from shore to dark brown depth. Fine, I’m sure. Not weird at all. Looks like a lovely swim. (Why is it so deep and dark?)

Bochlwyd, by the way, was icy. No idea why — isn’t normally noticeably different from Idwal and the others, but today it was bitter. Bitter but perfect and beautiful, of course ?? and all sore muscles gratefully restored.

Swimming with Eldest

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