I’m doing 100 miles in October for Macmillan

OK, I’m nervous because I’m out of shape and injured, but I’ve decided to accept the Macmillan 100 miles in October challenge.

This October, I was supposed to be running a marathon, but just before my mountain trip in the summer (postponed from last year, and I was nowhere near ready anyway), I twisted my knee, which was really sore but still sort of worked.

“Kill or cure!”, I yelled, and stomped up a mountain and knackered it. Since then, I’ve been working it gently and we’re getting there, but it’s still sore when I stand up or walk downstairs. I’m also still carrying 15lbs of lockdown fat because I ate my way through the pandemic. So instead of the marathon — which I’ll do next year — I’ve decided to do Macmillan 100 miles challenge, running, walking, or cycling, over a more forgiving 31 days, to raise money for the brilliant Macmillan charity and everything they do for cancer sufferers. They are amazing. We’re all affected by cancer one way or another, and these guys step in just when people most need them.

So here’s to Macmillan ?

I’ve got a fundraiser page (I hate asking for money, so I’m not going to be contacting people directly, but if anyone wants to support then that would be absolutely magic).

As well as money, if anyone wants to cheer me on or share their running journey – or do the challenge with me?! – or send pasties and beer for afterwards*, all those things would be brilliantly welcome and really help ???



I’ll be providing updates here and on the Facebook page and we’ll see how my knee goes… I’m half excited, half nervous, and definitely hoping to raise money for a brilliant charity and also fix up my knee at the same time (once again, kill or cure ???!)

Wish me luck!


*or during

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