Training for my running thing in October (and Race for Life 5k)

OK, I’m going to start a training log and share it for my own sanity. I’ve got 2 weeks to get my knee working…

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Prepared for my 100-mile October runfest by
(i) running 1.2km
(ii) drinking all my Doom Bar before October (so as to be healthy while running)
— all went fine. Feel very trained. Both knees still bend, it’s a win.



Prepared for my 100-mile October runfest by

(i) putting on a pink t-shirt in preparation for Race for Life, which has been moved to later this week,
(ii) eating lentil and vegetable soup while all around me people were eating pasties. I will rescue these knees.



Prepared for my 100-mile October runfest by

(i) doing home paperwork and running out of time.



Ran Race for Life — was awesome! So nice to be out in a crowd again, and loads of people supporting Cancer Research. Yes, it was a bit odd, with phased starts (covid) but no one really noticed and we were all allowed to run together and enjoy the day, the shared experience in the sunshine. Men and women all galloping along to beat cancer — one day we’ll succeed!


I’m stiff, after 5 km. What’s it going to feel like after 160k?!


One week to go! Excited.


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