All change! Moving forward gently


read a series of group chat messages yesterday, from parents whose children are leaving primary school next week. They were emotional — sharing memes on how time passes too quickly, already planning how they’ll cry (or drink) on the last day.

In our house, last week we also left a college, and a month prior, a work project. This autumn one of my children goes to college, and next year, more change. At some point, maybe I’ll be asking whether I want to stay home or fly the nest too, to travel or stalk my children (a combination?). Add to this the shifting politics in the UK, and my age — approaching menopause, “the change” — and it really is “ALL CHANGE” around here.

But I don’t want to cry — I’m excited. I read this article today about Michelle de Swarte and her career change from modelling to acting, and I love her attitude

“There’s always been an attitude in my family that I should make the most of the choices I’ve had.”

This is cool; I love the pragmatism. Things change,  life is change.

I’m so grateful for the good things my children have had in their various schools. Will I miss primary school? No — there were beautiful moments but also my child and I both have so much energy for new projects right now. Will I miss the college? Maybe, but it’s an adult education center with open doors — so I can always enrol on a course 😉. Am I glad to stay with the one school we get to keep? Yeah, definitely, and I’m also grateful for the chance to try out new  places and work.

There are so many things out there to explore, enjoy, to contribute towards — and it feels like there’s so little time. So… if I could shape any of this, I’d want

time with my children; they’re the best;

time with my parents and family; they’re my source;

time with work that I truly treasure — writing beautiful things, reading, planning, devoting myself to good work (we might one day bring in a few children on this, that would be OK!);

time spent in contemplation — a little more time perhaps reading for pleasure, walking, staring;

time to be fit, active, and strong — woven into the above — fewer timed runs and more long lazy jogs and swims in harmony with nature;

time exploring my self — new adventures, testing out the self that I have now, neither young nor old — what do I have to offer? Will I snuggle on a sofa, coaxing a timid child into the pages, or will I hike over ice, screaming quotes from St. Crispin’s Day Speech (yes, I’ve been watching Togo)?

time spent giving back — building a legacy of gratitude and integrity for the people, creatures, and planet who come after me.

There is SO much in that to build, love, protect, and share — and it’s a beautiful sunny day. Right now, I’m grateful for that.

And next? Well, we’ll see what happens next.

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