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The other day I looked at my grey hair and receding gums and thought, I’m sure I was about twenty last time I checked. Or thirty. Either way, this weird little middle-aged face is something new. I also thought, it’s been an age since I had a story published, and I should get on with …

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Plots, pants, etc

I’ve heard a lot about ‘plotters and pantsers’ — there are enough articles (sss, ssss), and obviously my favourite would be this one, but that’s not how I write. My stories come fully formed. They arrive. They filter through the clouds, fall through the clear bit between the clouds and me, plonk themselves in my head …

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Flash Mob ’13: Lots of groovy flash (and… me)

So, you know that scene in Bridget Jones when she turns up to a party dressed as a bunny girl? I’m one of those people. I could drink black coffee for years, or live on a diet of champagne and mineral water, but when the Queen pops round for tea, she’ll catch me sucking evaporated …

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